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District/County Councillors & MP

Follow these links to find information on your District Councillors:  

Cllr David Hart: https://democracy.thanet.gov.uk/mgUserInfo.aspx?UID=8686

Cllr Reece Pugh: https://democracy.thanet.gov.uk/mgUserInfo.aspx?UID=8382

Cllr Trevor Roper: https://democracy.thanet.gov.uk/mgUserInfo.aspx?UID=8713

Follow these links to find information on your County Councillors:  

Cllr Emma Dawson: https://democracy.kent.gov.uk/mgUserInfo.aspx?UID=53050

Cllr Liz Hurst: https://democracy.kent.gov.uk/mgUserInfo.aspx?UID=58118

Follow this link to find information on your Member of Parliament:

Sir Roger Gale MP: https://www.rogergale.com/